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Meet the Squad


Chris Grimes

Owner of Tensport - retired brew boy - Driver in the STXR Challenge #81

Chris has always been obsessed with Motorsport and cars in general so it was pretty much inevitable that he would end up spending so much time with them.



The real Boss

Sophie keeps Chris in line being his better half. Sophie also has a big input on race weekends looking after everyone and doing all the cooking for the team and guests.



Co-owner of Vtec Monkeys - Tensport OG legend - Driver in the STXR Challenge #82

Gaz has been there from the very beginning....and even before that. He has been racing on and off for the last few years in his Honda civic and also done most of the STXR challenge in his fiesta in 2021.



Co-owner of Vtec Monkeys - Tensport OG legend - Cheif roller - Driver in the STXR Challenge #83

Rich and Chris go waaaaaaay back and started their Motorsport journey together building an old escort xr3i for the XR Challenge in 2013. Working together with Honda's, funcups, Fiestas and working in garages Rich has got plenty of knowledge and experience. Oh.....and he rolled a fiesta at Knockhill.

The Squad: Our Team
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